ABC – Azzurro blu celeste

This is an anthology on the color blue in various shades and hues, which is born following a pictorial survey: it represents the poet Rainer Maria Rilke’s wishes expressed in a letter to Cézanne.

The search is extended to various fields of investigation, with reflections and texts of poetry, literature, science, music, chemistry, philosophy, history.

The topics of spirituality and mysticism develop around blue’s shades, from turquoise to ultramarine, cobalt blue, cerulean blue.



Features: An original pastel waxwork of Oscar Piattella makes these examples unique. 15 full-page illustrations and 5 dry embossing; 13 artist’s handwritings and chromatic interventions on print pages
Format prevalent 22×27 cm with different size inserts inside
No. of Pages: 142
Paper: Alcantara 130 gr
Composition: Mobile Type Monotype and cliché
Print: two-colored printing press
Binding: raw cloth with painting acrylic interventions of the artist
Edition: 850 examples with Arab numerals all signed by the artist
Packaging: cardboard box, cloth box, black lacquered wooden box