Dante Alighieri – the Divine Comedy manuscript

Single copy handwritten by the amanuensis Anuska Ciampicali

Work in calligraphy and miniature of Dante’s poem The Divine Comedy, with 100 illuminated initials, one per canto, frontispieces and colophon decorated with polychromatic friezes.

The book is divided in 3 different volumes, one per cantica, for 14.233 hendecasyllables.



Features: it took the amanuensis 9 months to write the poem, 1 month per cantica
Format: 19X29
No. of pages: 220 per volume
Paper: natural cotton Cartiere Miliani Fabriano for ‘unaluna’ 140 g
Composition: calligraphy
Binding: half leather with handmade polychrome wood inlay cover
Edition: single copy