Galileo Galilei – Contro il portar la toga

The edition, supported by Accademia dei Lincei, is introduced by Gian Carlo Rossi and supervised in the English version “Against the Donning of the Gown” by Giovanni F. Bignami.

In 1589, during the period of teaching in Pisa (his hometown), the young Galileo composed the poetic operetta in rhymed tercets. The text represents a biting nonconformity against the donning of the Academic gown even outside the Universities. The young Galileo, through double entendre and goliardic tones, criticizes the moralizing will of the Medici government and the complacence with which the professors of Pisa seemed to follow the obligation to wear the bulky gown.



Features: 20 original drawings made by Donatella Almici and a dry embossing
Languages: Italian and English
Format: 13×18 cm
No. of pages: 92
Paper: Alcantara 130 gr
Composition: movable type Monotype
Print: printing press
Binding: full leather
Edition: 2.000 copies
Packaging: cardboard box, cloth box and wooden box