Galileo Galilei – Copernican letters

The “Copernican Letters” (1612-1615) describe the relationship between science and faith and precede the sentence of the Roman Inquisition of the 5th March 1616: the Inquisition decreed “false” and “totally adverse to Holy Scripture” the cosmological doctrine of Copernicus on the motion of the Earth around the Sun, defended by Galileo. The “Letters” are written in magniloquent vulgar and complex style, which however does not affect the logical system.

This edition includes: the collection of letters for Benedetto Castelli, Piero Dini and Cristina di Lorena and other documents annotated and chosen by Giorgio Stabile.



Features: 12 dry embossing and 22 full-page illustrations
Format: 16×28 cm
No. of pages: 188
Paper: Alcantara 130 gr
Composition: movable type Monotype
Print: printing press
Binding: full leather
Edition: 1.400 copies
Packaging: cardboard box or cloth box