Magdalo Mussio – Appunto

Magdalo Mussio (Volterra 1925- Civitanova Marche 2006) was one of the main protagonist of “visual poetry” and artistic searching of Italian and European twentieth-century. A versatile artist who studied the connections between writing and painting.

The manuscript “Appunto” is a creative process between word and image following a very accurate split of the space into 4 parts,”Appunto, in transito”, “Appunto, sperimento”, “Appunto, l’indifferenziato”, “Appunto, l’ombre che attraversa”.



Features: The artist uses on print pages the art of matter and handwriting to make these examples unique.
Format: closed cm 18×25, opened five folded paper 70×25
No. of pages: 13 sheets of paper folded in 3 plus one for frontispiece and colophon
Paper: Alcantara gr. 160
Composition: cliché
Print: single side printing press
Binding: Unbound
Edition: 35 examples signed by the artist
Packaging: black lacquered wooden box