unaluna – History


unaluna imprint is founded by Alessandro Sartori in Milan in 1995, in order to enhance and renew the great tradition of letterpress printing. In 1997 Fausto Olivieri becomes partner of the society and the project continues to grow thanks to heritage handed down from his father Ruggero in using movable type Monotype.

Today the merit of unaluna editions is entrusted to the sons of the founder and his wife who is also President of the Association “Arte del libro”, which is in charge of new productions branded unaluna after the publisher’s death in February 2013.

Quality Works

Since the beginning the editorial line is based on a careful selection of high quality raw materials such as natural cotton papers of neutral pH and on natural processes with specific competences: fusion of mobile characters, printing press cylindrical plane, interventions in etching, calligraphy, miniature and finally hand binding.
The results obtained are of unique value and rare aesthetic intensity thanks to knowledge and craftsmanship depending on a contemporary vision.

Limited editions

unaluna’s rich catalogue consists of many titles, from classics to research works.
Its limited and numbered editions, over time, have become an international reference point, expression of Italian modus operandi the whole world admires, with commissions and exhibitions as well as in Italy, China, U.K., Japan and U.S.A.


In 2010 Alessandro Sartori decides to move unaluna to Gubbio, one of the most important town in Umbria where craftsmanship and ancient traditions are still alive.
He transferred there the experience and know-how developed over the years.
A prestigious typographic activity existed for centuries, the tradition of workshops, from engraving to bookbinding, inlays, miniature, ceramics, cabinetry, provide the basis from new publishing projects, in collaboration with various crafts in order to leave a decisive mark through education and training of young people.