Yves Bonnefoy & Oscar Piattella – La Maison Natale

La maison natale” is a 12 chapters work in verse, with painting interventions of Oscar Piattella, French and Italian edition.

unaluna realized it for the book series “I Dardi del Poeta”, Bradipo Editions; it is a visual-poetic dialogue between two contemporaries artists.

The “casa natale” as inner place and physical identity of existence built through images, names, objects, travels, takes shape by words and works.It is divided into different parts such as house; house’s things; water; earth, trees; fire, shadows; air, light.

Preface and translation from French by Fabio Scotto.



Features: 6 original plates in mixed media with unique features of Oscar Piattella, applied or carried out on book’s pages; 2 dry embossing, 7 straw-paper sketches and 1 pastel frottage
Format: 19×26 cm
No. of Pages: 80
Paper: Alcantara 200 gr
Composition: Mobile Type Monotype and cliché
Print: two-colored printing press
Binding: canvas with leather back
Edition: 150 examples with Arab numerals and signed by the authors
Packaging: cardboard box